Contracting Services

If you are a producer looking for a contractor of local musicians in the Boise area, you've come to the right place!

Musicians Contact Service of Boise is a contractor for local musicians. If you are looking for one or two musicians, or a complete symphony orchestra, MCS can handle all of your local contracting needs. 

Experience You Can Count On

Musicians Contact Service of Boise was founded in 1997 as a computerized automated booking service for local musicians. Since its inception, MCS has provided backup musicians for several national acts, including Blood, Sweat & Tears, Manhattan Transfer, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, The Fifth Dimension, Ben Vereen, Gary Burton, Randy Brecker, Bill Watrous, Arturo Sandoval, Louie Bellson, Chuck Mangione and Diane Shuur. Locally, MCS has been heavily involved in contracting for the Boise River Festival, Gene Harris Jazz Festival, Western Idaho Fair and the Jazz under the Stars summer concert series.

Musicians Contact Service books approximately 188 engagements per year. At any given time, we are managing approximately 42 engagements concurrently. To facilitate this number of bookings, MCS uses a fully automated computer system to contract musicians. This system electronically notifies each musician, confirms their agreement to perform, prints out individualized schedules for each musician, and dramatically reduces the cost of managing an event.

Low Contracting Fees

Because we can contract engagements so efficiently, our fees are much lower than other contractors in town. But don't take our word for it - Call MCS for a quote!

Quality Musicians

To maximize their profits, some contractors in town utilize less experienced musicians for their bookings. MCS uses only Boise's finest professional musicians. Our reputation is much more important than any single engagement.

Professional Services

Here is a summary of the contracting services you can expect from MCS:

Before the Event

  • MCS will analyze the contract rider to determine the exact musical requirements, including any equipment rental, portage, and instrument doubling required.
  • MCS will provide the producer with an itemized quote showing how much each musician will be paid, and how much commission will be charged.
  • MCS will generate a contract between the producer and MCS.
  • MCS will identify and contact individual musicians. Only Boise's finest musicians will be called.
  • MCS will generate contracts between MCS and each individual musician for their services.
  • MCS will generate a schedule for each individual musician, including rehearsals and performances.
  • MCS will distribute any music provided in advance by the producer to each musician.

During the Event

  • MCS will assist in setting up the stage, including checking the arrival of equipment.
  • MCS will provide music stands and music stand lights for each individual.

After the Event

  • MCS will collect funds from the producer at the conclusion of the performance.
  • MCS will pay each musician immediately at the conclusion of the performance.
  • MCS will provide year-end tax forms (1099-MISC) for each individual subcontracted musician.


When it comes to choosing a local contractor, what really matters is:

  • The quality of the musicians engaged
  • The fees charged for the contracting services
  • The reliability of the contractor
  • The organizational skills of the contractor
  • The relationship between the contractor and the musicians in the community.

Musicians Contact Service is extremely reliable, well organized and well respected by the musicians in the community. And our fees are extremely low, especially when you consider the quality of service and musicians that we provide. The bottom line: Musicians Contact Service gets the job done at a price you can afford!

For booking inquiries, quotes or other information, click on the following link:

You may also contact us directly at:

Musicians Contact Service of Boise
c/o Jim McMillan
3902 N. Burnstead Place
Boise, ID 83704
(208) 841-0441 (cell)
(208) 375-1112 (home)

Updated: December 31, 2006