Brässkellar Brass Quartet

Established in 1972, the Brässkellar Brass Quartet has a reputation for providing the highest quality musical services at affordable prices.

The quartet consists of two trumpets and two trombones, and specializes in providing elegant musical settings for a variety of special occasions, including:

  • Indoor Wedding Ceremonies without Organ
  • Indoor Wedding Ceremonies with Organ
  • Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies
  • Grand Openings
  • Christmas "Carolgrams"
  • Church Services
  • Memorial Services

The group's large repertoire allows them to individually tailor each performance to meet your specific needs.

Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding will be a beautiful and magical moment to cherish forever, especially if you have chosen the right music. Adorn your ceremony with the elegance and majesty that it deserves - with beautiful music by the Brässkellar Brass Quartet.

The Brässkellar Brass Quartet has a wide selection of both traditional and popular music, and can custom tailor a ceremony to fit your particular needs. Most weddings utilize the following format:

  • Musical Prelude - Usually starts a half hour before the actual ceremony begins. This provides a warm atmosphere for guests who arrive early for the ceremony.
  • Music for Special Seatings - One or more special selections are chosen to be played while important guests are being seated, such as the mother of the bride.
  • Bridesmaids Processional - A stately march-like musical selection playing during the entrance of the Bridesmaids. Traditionally, Trumpet Voluntary by Purcell is an extremely elegant choice.
  • Wedding Processional - An even more elegant musical selection for the entrance of the Bride. The traditional Wedding Processional is Wagner’s Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin (“Here comes the Bride”).
  • Musical Interlude - A subdued musical selection performed during the ceremony, offering a musical change of a pace and a moment to reflect upon the significance of the occasion.
  • Wedding Recessional - A joyous musical selection celebrating the completion of the Wedding Ceremony used by the Wedding Party to make their exit. The traditional Wedding Recessional is Mendelsohn’s Wedding March.
  • Musical Postlude - The musical services continue while other guests exit.

A member of the Brässkellar Brass Quartet will work with you to help plan your musical selections.

Indoor Wedding Ceremonies

Brass instruments were originally invented to be used for important church services and ceremonies. Nothing can compare to the traditional sounds of the Brässkellar Brass Quartet as we fill the church you’ve selected with beautiful music.

We offer two different types of indoor services, depending on your individual preferences:

  • Brass Quartet - A truly elegant musical setting for your ceremony, consisting of two trumpets and two trombones
  • Brass Quartet with Organ - An even more elegant setting for your ceremony where an organ is available, consisting of two trumpets and two trombones plus our own organist.

Typically, the Brässkellar Brass Quartet is situated at one side of the alter or in the choir loft, if one is available. The sounds of the brass instruments take on an almost magical quality from either of these two locations, as the churches are designed acoustically for this purpose. It truly has to be heard to be believed!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

The Brässkellar Brass Quartet is an excellent choice for outdoor ceremonies. Because the quartet does not require amplification of any kind, all of your guests will be able to enjoy our musical ambiance without complicated speaker systems and electrical connections.

Many outdoor wedding ceremonies take place in an open gazebo. The Brässkellar Brass Quartet is usually situated just to one side of the gazebo, dressed in elegant tuxedos appropriate for the occasion.

The rich and colorful sounds of the Brässkellar Brass Quartet provide the perfect compliment for your colorful outdoor ceremony.

Additional Services

The Brässkellar Brass Quartet can also provide the following services, for a nominal fee:

  • Custom Music Arrangements - If you have a special musical selection that is not currently in our repetoire, we’ll be happy to arrange it for you.
  • Wedding Rehearsal - A member of the Brässkellar Brass Quartet will attend your wedding rehearsal to answer any questions that may arise.

You have spent countless hours planning for this day, and everything has to be just right! Don’t forget the finishing touch - The Brässkellar Brass Quartet!

Demo Files

Festive Trumpet Tune

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring


Canzoni Septimi Toni

Gloria from Sinfonia Sacra

Trumpet Voluntary/Bridal Chorus

Wedding March





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